The Only Food Delivery You DON’T Want This Summer

Kayla Palesky About The Author

Tue, Aug 13, 2019 @ 09:46 PM

Eagle Express, Food Distribution in DFW

Watermelon. Barbeque. Popsicles. Corn. Hot dogs. The list of summer foods goes on and on, and so does your appetite for them. With a courier like Eagle Express on your side, food distribution in DFW is simple. One call to our couriers can create an entire week’s, month’s, or year’s worth of scheduled deliveries. We move food to and from the farm, distributors, restaurants, and grocery stores.


You name it. We deliver it.


In all honesty, you can go ahead and thank your friendly Eagle Express driver the next time you see them. They’re the ones who ensure your favorite summertime treats are stocked and ready for purchase. They’re the ones who have food deliveries down to a science, making it simple and easy for customers all throughout the transportation and logistics supply chain.


But one delivery you don’t want to accept this summer- food poisoning.


Yes, nearly 48 million Americans will contract food poisoning this year. Many of those cases will occur during the summertime, when we’re a little less careful about keeping out the microscopic baddies from our digestive system.


Of course, here at Eagle Express, we’re always careful. Food distribution in DFW is handled by professionals, trained in FDA and food safety standards. Our team is outfitted with state of the art technology that assists us in keeping your food deliveries at a specific temperature for the short distance or the long haul. We do our part in keeping your food and beverages safe for consumption, but then it’s up to you.


Don’t want to accept the delivery of food borne illnesses in your favorite summertime meal? Call Eagle Express for your food deliveries, and follow these simple tips for keeping food poisoning off the menu:


Wash your hands: In fact, this is the first and the last step in food preparation and serving. It’s also a step that should be taken multiple times during the process. Wash frequently.


Wash your counters and utensils: Hot, soapy water works best for workspaces and utensils. This should be done both before and after use.


Keep foods separate: Keep your meats and vegetables separate. For even more protection, designate different cutting boards in your kitchen for these two groups.


Thaw properly: Buying in bulk and freezing portions is a great money saver, but be sure you thaw your food properly. Food should thaw in the refrigerator and be used immediately. Never re-freeze once they’re thawed through.


Temperature control: For both thawed and fresh foods, consider the appropriate temperature control before cooking. As our Eagle couriers know well- temperature control is an important part of food safety. Don’t leave cold foods on the counter. And once you’re done eating refrigerate leftovers promptly.


Cook thoroughly: Check the USDA website to verify the appropriate internal temperatures for your favorite foods. This is the best way to prevent foodborne illness.


Know your risk factors: Some folks are more prone to food poisoning than others, and should take extra precaution. These include young people, old people, people with weakened immune systems, and pregnant women.


Food poisoning is common and preventable. Don’t be one of the millions of Americans who find themselves suffering from the effects of foodborne illnesses. Give yourself a head start on safe food handling by hiring a professional and knowledgeable transportation team to move your time and temperature sensitive food distribution in DFW.


Eagle Express is available NOW to assist you in creating a unique plan of action for your food transportation needs. Find us here on the web or give us a call at 214-351-5777 to get moving.