These Last Minute Gift Ideas Need a Last Minute Delivery Service

Kayla Palesky About The Author

Thu, Dec 19, 2019 @ 06:46 PM

Eagle Express, Last Minute Delivery Service

Oh, hey procrastinators. We see you over there. Sipping on your hot cocoa. Munching on a candy cane. Thinking about all the Christmas gifts you have to still buy, but not actually making any moves to purchase them.


Not only do we see you, we’re here for you! Eagle Express is your last minute delivery service for the holidays. Whether you’re in need of immediate deliveries of gifts to a residential address, you require additional products for your store’s before and after Christmas sales, or you’re a healthcare provider who needs immediate medical deliveries during the holiday, Eagle Express is here for it.

We’re also here to make your Christmas merrier by hand delivering any one of these great last minute gift ideas:


Tickets- Whether the recipient is a Cowboys lover, a #MFFL, an opera aficionado, or even just an average movie-goer, tickets are an easy last minute gift that is sure to feel personal. Hey, there might even be something in it for you if you snag tickets for two!


Subscription Service- These days you can sign up for a subscription service to just about anything. A few of our Eagle Express favorites include floral arrangements, fine cheese, wine, and streaming services.


Homemade Goods- Short on cash, but not short on love? Bake up a storm and have our last minute delivery service make easy work of Christmas week deliveries. You can even spice it up a bit by adding a handwritten recipe card or wrapping your baked goods in a cute Christmas hand towel. PS: Our couriers are trained and certified to move and store all types of foods and beverages including wine, refrigerated goods, and medication.  Our FDA approved warehouse makes your logistics processes even easier.


A Donation- To the person who has everything, why not give to someone else on their behalf? Find your loved one’s favorite charity and make a donation on their behalf. Just be sure you do your research. Your charity of choice should 501(c)(3) tax exemption, and can be verified on the IRS website.


An Experience- Here at Eagle Express, we believe we can deliver just about anything. From fresh produce to living organs, our trained and tested professionals have successfully delivered it all. One thing we can’t deliver, however, is an experience. (Unless, of course, that “experience” is dealing with a friendly and fast courier service…in that case, we have you covered.) Gift your loved one with a shared experience such as sky diving, a staycation, or even just a homemade meal followed by a tour of Christmas lights. Experiences are unique and special to the gift giver and the receiver, which makes them individualized and heartfelt.


Saving tasks until the last minute doesn’t always have to be stressful. With a 24/7 professional last minute delivery service on your side, your urgent transportation tasks can be completed in as little as 45 minutes. The Eagle Express will be working hard all holiday season long. Our experienced and professional team of dispatchers and drivers will be available to you right up until those final hours of the Christmas holiday.


Don’t wait, though! You can schedule your next out of town or DFW delivery with a simple web chat here, or with a phone call to 214-351-5777. Procrastinators, rejoice! Eagle Express is here for you this holiday.