The Good News About Some of Your Favorite Summer Foods

Kayla Palesky About The Author

Wed, Jun 05, 2019 @ 08:46 PM

Eagle Express, Transportation and Logistics in DFW

Here’s some good news:


Eagle Express is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all summer to move your time and temperature sensitive goods. We have vehicles of all sizes and capabilities, from 26-foot straight trucks to cargo vans, refrigerated and dry, able to move in town or across the country. We also offer warehousing services to store your goods for a long time or a short time. When you’re ready, your items can move to their destination with the help of state of the art fulfillment software and 24/7 access for those last minute, urgent fulfillment needs.


That’s good news, for sure!


For more good news about your transportation and logistics processes in DFW, take a look at our website. Our list of services will show you just what spectacular things Eagle Express can do for your logistics processes. Or you can always call our team, any time of day or night, and be treated to a live member who can discuss with you even more great news about your transportation needs!


But here’s some good news of a different type. With summer finally here, we have good news about some of your favorite summer foods. A few of the tastiest summer staples are actually packing some mighty health benefits. Consider these delectable details about your most popular summertime eats:


Watermelon- Aside from being incredibly hydrating and refreshing, watermelon is also high in lycopene, which is known to improve heart health. It can also lower blood pressure and reduce muscle soreness. Not to mention, it’s sweet, yet low in calories.


Corn on the cob- Low in fat, high in fiber, corn on the cob is also rich in Vitamin C and magnesium. It’s also high in antioxidants linked to skin and eye health.


Grilled meats- Fire up the grill, because this is a great way to enjoy low fat protein sources. A lean cut of beef or pork or white meat chicken can cook without sitting in fat. This makes for a flavorful main dish without added calories.


Iced tea- Cool off with a glass or two of iced tea and gain the benefits that come from both green and black teas. These include a reduction in free radicals that can protect cells and molecules from damage. It can also increase fat burning and improve physical performance.


Frozen fruit pops- Whole fruit and 100% fruit juices make great homemade popsicles. Stay away from the sugary store-bought ones and make your own with seasonal fruits and juices- including veggies!


Tomatoes- Seasonal summer tomatoes are juicy and delicious. They also contain lycopene, which, as we said, can reduce your risk of heart disease and cancer. They’re also loaded with vitamin C, potassium, folate, and vitamin K.


Peaches- Another delicious summer treat, peaches are low in calories, but high in antioxidants, which can protect your body against aging and disease. They also might help boost immunity and reduce blood sugar levels.


Some of your favorite summer indulgences don’t have to be guilty pleasures. Seasonal fruits, veggies, and traditions like these are both delicious reminders of summer and great for us nutritionally. That’s good news!


But don’t forget, the good news doesn’t stop there. If you have needs for transportation and logistics in DFW, Eagle Express is here all summer long. We can keep your temperature controlled goods cool, despite the sweltering Texas heat, and we can move your in town and out of town items as a scheduled route or on demand basis.


Pour yourself a glass of iced tea, slice up a fresh watermelon, and let Eagle Express take care of the heavy lifting. Contact us today!