Technology Takes Transportation Higher

Kayla Palesky About The Author

Thu, Feb 07, 2019 @ 09:18 PM

Eagle Express, Transportation TechnologyOver the past decade, the internet has changed our lives. Do you recall back in 2005 when your cell phone flipped open and you had to press the number “9” button four times to get the letter “z”? If not, you can watch THIS informative and untimely YouTube.


Remember when you were going on a road trip, or just trying to get across the Metroplex, and you had to pull out your map? Reference THIS hilarious article about turning in your Mapsco for a “newer” edition of the phone book sized paper weight.


Technology has changed our world. Some for the better.


Transportation technology has certainly upgraded the customer experience. Here at Eagle Express, we’re committed to staying on top of the technological curve, which means we’re always looking for ways to incorporate the latest and greatest tech into our processes to serve you better.


For starters, we’re available 24/7 thanks to technology. You can chat with us on the web, shoot us a message via social media, or give us a good old fashioned phone call. A live member of our team will be there to pick up the line, and thanks to dispatching technology, we can have exactly the right vehicle and the best courier for the job at your door ASAP, completing the job in as little as 45 minutes.


But, as with all things technology, big changes lie ahead.


Just as the internet revolutionized the transportation technology, the next advancement to shake up the transportation world will be drones.


Already, over 1.5 million drones occupy US air space. Many of these are used by consumers, and a growing number of them are used commercially. From land surveying to aerial photography, these unmanned aircraft are filling the skies and transforming the lives of Americans. Including those of us here in the transportation and logistics industry.


There are many benefits to using drones for delivery purposes. Can you imagine the reduction in traffic if delivery vehicles were, instead, cruising at altitude? Delivery drones are also more environmentally conscious, and can reach places that traditional couriers cannot, even if those traditional couriers are as awesome as our Eagle Express team.


Drone projects in remote areas of Africa such as Tanzania and Rwanda have demonstrated that delivery drones can also be used to transport lifesaving medications and lab specimens to areas that otherwise wouldn’t have access to such luxuries.


That’s not to say, though, that drone proponents have it all figured out. Here in the United States, there are certain federally mandated pilot programs for drone delivery. Cities like San Diego and nine other partners in the program are using drones to fight fires, prevent crime, but not to deliver your burritos. Yet.


State, local, and federal regulatory practices still aren’t on board with free rein commercial use  of drones for the delivery market. Too many questions still exist in the minds of citizens and those in charge of creating legislation:


How can we protect the privacy of citizens?

Will drones interfere with aircraft?

Can a drone physically carry my delivery?

Is drone delivery really economically a better choice?


Not to mention, if your items are delivered by drones, will consumers miss out on the experience that comes with a live, licensed, professional courier team? Here at Eagle Express, we ensure deliveries come standard with an on time guarantee and a professionally dressed and trained courier. We also offer white glove services including moving heavy items upstairs, setting them up, and disposing of packaging materials.


Can your drone do that?


Don’t get us wrong! Technology is great! We love that tech has allowed us to provide specific temperature regulation, 24/7 availability, in route tracking, and online order management systems. But we also love looking our customers in the eye and serving them with the human element that technology can’t provide.


Here at Eagle Express, we’re excited to see how technology will shape our future. Until then, we’re going to continue serving you with the same traditional quality service that we’ve been dishing out since 1982.


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