Truth: Our DFW Warehouse Space is Better Than Yours

Kayla Palesky About The Author

Tue, Mar 10, 2020 @ 07:58 PM

Eagle Express, DFW Warehouse Space

Generally, we like to promote kindness. Our business is founded on the principles of honesty and integrity, and our drivers go through an extensive hiring process to ensure we put on the best and brightest in an Eagle Express uniform. But sometimes, the truth hurts. In this case, we’re prepared to hurt a few feelings in favor of a little honesty. Here it is:


Our DFW warehouse space is better than yours.


Sorry. We know that might cut deep, but at Eagle Express, we strive for five star customer service at all costs. We would be remiss not to tell you about ways your business can do better. And one of those ways is by outsourcing your warehousing and fulfillment needs. Specifically, utilizing Eagle Express as your third party logistics partner for all things transportation and storage.


Here’s the truth:


Our warehouse is centrally located in the heart of DFW.

North Texas is a vast region, and the best way to serve all those customers, both commercial and residential, is to be right in the thick of it. Our warehouse is centrally located from both DFW international airports. We’re just minutes from any highway and interstate that passes through the region. Our warehouse is also located on site, which means your stuff can come here and stay here until the minute you need it moved. No extraneous trips. No additional fees to and from the warehouse location.


Our warehouse is secure.

Securing your stuff is a major point of interest, right? We take that seriously at Eagle Express. Our warehouse is not only secure, but we also offer additional security within the secure warehouse on high dollar items. But, like Fort Knox, when the right parties need access to the warehouse, it can happen 24/7. That means if you require your items to move in the middle of the night, on a weekend, or on a holiday, it’s no problem. Your products stay secure and safe until you need them moved, at which point, they can be transported in as little as 45 minutes.


Our warehouse is right for food, beverages, and medical items.

There are items that require a little extra TLC, and then there are items that require federally mandated special care. Food, beverages, and medical items are in that second category. In order to handle these items, our couriers go through several different types of training, including in the areas of HIPAA, OSHA, and FDA. Storing these items requires a little extra, as well. Thankfully, our warehouse is FDA certified for your food, beverages, and medical items. It’s also temperature controlled for those refrigerated and frozen items.


Our warehouse is part of our full service logistics operation.

Sure, finding a place to store your items might seem like an easy task. But then you have to consider getting your items to the storage location, keeping them secure, picking them when they’re needing to move, packing them properly, and then getting them into the hands of your customers. Sounds like a full time job, doesn’t it? That’s why it pays to stick with one, full service logistics operation like Eagle Express. Our team does it all. From transporting it to the warehouse, to keeping it secure, to picking and packing, and, finally, to the hands of your waiting customers. Streamlined and simple.



Sorry, DFW, but sometimes the truth hurts. (Just ask Lizzo!) But, in this case, it’s worth it. Finding a full service logistics partner to handle all your DFW warehouse space and fulfillment needs might be exactly what your business has been looking for in 2020.


Let us show you around. Contact Eagle Express to discuss your organization’s specific storage needs. We’re sure that our space is the best place for your DFW business!