Unique Transportation Solutions For DFW Business Owners

Kayla Palesky About The Author

Tue, Feb 25, 2020 @ 09:40 PM

Eagle Express, Unique Transportation Services

Operating a business in Dallas Fort Worth has its benefits, of course. To start with, there is a rich population of over 6.8 million diverse clientele. Then there’s the location. In the heart of Texas, and in the heart of the nation, the Metroplex is centrally located between two international airports with access to all four corners of the United States in just four hours. It’s also minutes from highways that can take you from coast to coast.


Unfortunately, the same reasons that make DFW such a great place to operate a business, also present some unique challenges. For example, how do you serve a region with millions of customers with diverse needs? How can you reach clients on different US coasts in a matter of hours? And how can you possibly focus on core competencies like making a quality product when you have to manage putting these items in the hands of your customers who are located scattered across 300 square miles?


The truth is, as a small or mid-sized business owner in DFW, it’s impossible to do it all alone.  Thankfully, you have a partner that’s just a phone call away. Eagle Express can provide unique transportation solutions for DFW business owners. Consider these solutions to some of the most pressing challenges to your business’s success.

Fleet Replacement

Reduce overhead? Yes, please! Every DFW business owner is looking for ways to improve their bottom line and still serve their customers with excellence. How about starting with replacing your fleet? Purchasing and maintaining your own fleet is costly, not to mention risky. Especially if your business fluctuates with seasonal products.


Instead, pay for what you need, when you need it. Get rid of the costly challenges of managing your own fleet, and outsource your transportation to a team like Eagle Express. We have just the right driver available at just the right time. Depreciation, maintenance fees, idle drivers, and fuel costs are a thing of the past!


On Demand Shipments

Your customers deserve the best now. Our society is becoming increasingly one of convenience. Wouldn’t it be nice to advertise that customers can receive their products in as little as 45 minutes with your business? And the best part is, you don’t even have to lift a finger!


An on demand delivery team like Eagle Express can pack and transport the item for you, moving it to your customers in as little as 45 minutes for in town shipments. You’ll also be treated with live tracking, email updates, signature confirmation, and more thanks to state of the art technology through Eagle Express.


Warehousing and Fulfillment

A great warehousing specialist is a great partner to have. You’ll have a place to store your stuff, as well as someone to sort through it all for you. Managing your own warehouse space can be a huge hassle. Finding a unit to rent in a secure facility is tough. Not to mention, one that has temperature control, 24/7 access, and, probably impossibly, FDA certified storage space. Newsflash: Eagle Express has all that- and more!


Last Mile Logistics

Remember all that square footage that the Metroplex sits on? Another challenge to DFW business owners is getting products to clients cross all those miles of residential and commercial space. Last mile logistics can be frustrating, expensive, and riddles with errors. One of the unique transportation services Eagle Express offers is managing those last mile logistics.


With both scheduled and unscheduled deliveries, our couriers can move your items to customers’ hands, no matter where those customers are located.


DFW business owners: we are here for you! Eagle Express knows the joys and challenges that come from operating a business in the North Texas region. We’re here to help you combining one or more of these unique transportation solutions to create a winning T&L strategy for success in DFW.


Don’t hesitate- call Eagle Express today, or contact us here on our webpage.