Your Ultimate Guide to NOT Stressing Over the Little Things

Kayla Palesky About The Author

Sat, Nov 23, 2019 @ 01:32 PM

Eagle Express, Urgent Deliveries in DFW

Stress and the holiday season generally go hand in hand. Whether it’s money, family issues, or perfection, 88% of Americans report feeling stressed during the last several weeks of the year.


That doesn’t sound jolly.


Here at Eagle Express, we have a pretty good handle on stressful situations. When our customers have urgent deliveries in DFW, they aren’t always the calmest version of themselves. On an on demand basis, our couriers are asked to deliver everything from shipments of food, to court documents, even lifesaving organs for transport! Moving such highly sensitive, and, at the very least, time sensitive items can cause more stress than usual for our customers. That’s why we suggest letting an expert delivery team handle those urgent deliveries in DFW. Our couriers have decades of experience moving all kinds of items throughout the Metroplex and throughout the country on an on demand basis. We can move items in as little as 45 minutes, or, for out of town shipments, with a dedicated delivery team and a custom critical delivery.


We find that our clients stress a lot less knowing they have a friendly, fast, and experienced professional on the job.


Extend that peaceful feeling into other non transportation-related events in your life. Don't stress over the little things. If that is easier said than done, then you’ll want to check out our couriers’ ultimate guide for keeping your cool:



Regularly exercise- Research has proven that exercise can fight stress. Not only does exercise improve physical health (cardiovascular and muscular-skeletal) , it improves mental health. Exercise increases serotonin levels in the brain. These “happy hormones” secrete, and voila! Instant mood boost. Next time you feel the stress coming on, or you know you have some stressful activities coming up, stick to your exercise routine. Or, if you’re not much of  a gym rat, opt for a bike ride or brisk walk around the neighborhood.


Get outside- Fresh air and natural scenery is also known to lower stress levels. For example, natural scents like lavender, pine, and rose are encountered outdoors, and are linked to reduced stress. Additionally, natural light has been shown to improve mood and reduce the length of hospital stay in cancer patients. Next time you’re feeling tense, talk a walk, and bust out two of the first steps in our ultimate guide for stress reduction.


Take your vacation days- In a recent study, it was shown that Americans leave 600 million vacation days on the table annually. Why? The main reason was that the employees felt they were too busy to take a vacation. That’s backwards! Use your vacation days.


Prioritize shut eye- Ever missed a few good nights’ sleep, and all of a sudden everything seems unbearable? That’s because sleep is essential to your mental health. According to the American Psychological Association, people who sleep fewer than 8 hours a night on a consistent basis are more irritable, overwhelmed, and stressed out. Sleep loss increases the amount of norepinephrine in your body. This hormone raises your heart rate and blood sugar. This can give you that constant “fight or flight” response. Talk about edgy!


Read a book- It doesn’t even have to be a good book! Just six minutes of reading a day can reduce stress by as much as 68%. Reading lowers your heart rate and can even relax tensed muscles.


Holidays can be stressful. But your delivery and transportation needs shouldn’t be. When you have those last minute, emergency, urgent deliveries is Dallas, Eagle Express has the service for you. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to meet your T&L needs. Find us here on the web, or call anytime at 214-351-5777.


In the meantime, as other stressors arise, consider using this guide to make the most of your holiday season, without the added stress. After all, it is the most wonderful time of the year!