Exercise Doesn’t Have to Be Ruff

Kayla Palesky About The Author

Mon, Aug 26, 2019 @ 04:24 PM

Eagle Express, Urgent Deliveries Within DFW

Do you have a bone to pick with your normal exercise routine? Are you feeling the stress after a long day at work, and don’t quite have time for Man’s Best Friend, anymore? Good news. There’s a multitasking way to get your exercise in with Fido, effectively killing two birds with one stone. (Figuratively, of course. We aren’t throwing rocks at pigeons here!)


That multitasking thing- it’s what Eagle Express is here for. When you hire a courier to transport your routine or urgent deliveries within DFW or outside of the Metroplex, you’re giving yourself the opportunity to complete your T&L tasks while still putting in the effort at the office. Your deliveries make it to their desired destinations on time while you watch over them on your handy app, or email verifications set up to notify you when your items reach certain points in the delivery process.


It’s a great feeling when all of your tasks are completed, and you didn’t have to ever leave your desk.


But, if we’re being honest, we all should leave our desks every once in a while. Most of America, 80% in fact, work sedentary jobs that require little to know moving. Those of us in jobs like this have to force ourselves to mosey along to the water cooler every so often just to get the blood flowing. This is so bad for our bodies that healthcare experts are calling sitting “the new smoking” due to the slew of negative health effects that come from our sedentary lifestyles.


While we suffer from a life of sedation, so do our pets. When we spend long ours at work sitting behind a desk, Fido spends long hours at home that are lonely and inactive. What’s a responsible worker and pet owner to do?




Fido can be your best and most loyal workout buddy. And chances are, he won’t turn down an opportunity to get moving! Here are a few ways you can make your workouts less ruff…err…rough…thanks to Man’s Best Friend.


A running buddy- Your pup won’t let you skip out on a job because of a little drizzle or a little frost. Be careful, though, in hot and humid weather. Dogs don’t sweat, and some breeds can become overheated quickly.


Squat and fetch: Take your fetch game to a whole new level. Instead of letting your dog do all the work, throw the ball and then do air squats until your pup returns it. Let’s hope he’s a fast runner!


Shuffle- Hold your dog’s favorite treat and shuffle a few yards to the right, then the left before rewarding your pet. He will get some exercise, and you’ll get some lateral movement to work your glutes and quads.


Water sports- Stand up paddle boarding and kayaking are more fun with a friend. Especially if that friend is furry. Pick up a doggie life vest or stick close to shore.


Cycling- For the well-trained pooch, cycling is a dream! Your pet gets to run at their pace, and you can still keep up.


Run the stairs- Active dogs with good joints can get vertical with you. Quads, hamstrings, and glutes, oh my!


Exercising with your dog can be multitasking at its greatest. Well, maybe not greatest. One of the greatest ways to multitask is to let a professional delivery team make your urgent deliveries in DFW while you rest easy getting your daily tasks complete.


You get to move items quickly, shell out great customer service, and gain a following with your clients, all from the comfort of your office. More tasks in less time means more time to spend with your family- including your new workout buddy!


It’s not so ruff! Get started by calling 214-351-5777.