We Put the Super in Super Rush Couriers

Kayla Palesky About The Author

Tue, Sep 03, 2019 @ 09:08 PM

Eagle Express, Super Rush Couriers

Nowadays, super heroes are all the rage. In fact, super hero movies account for ten of the top 25 highest grossing movies of all time. The highest grossing movie of all time- Avengers: Endgame, came out this year and smashed records at the box office grossing $2.79 billion.


That’s billion. With a “b”.


It’s safe to say we love our superheroes here in America. And here at Eagle Express, we feel like we have our own super heroes in our super rush couriers. Consider the following super hero traits, and how our Eagle Express team embodies them:


See through walls- Walls of traffic, that is. Thanks to a commitment of state of the art technology, and constant contact with our dispatchers, drivers can circumvent some of the toughest traffic situations that the Metroplex has to offer. And, believe us there are a lot of traffic situations! With our knowledgeable team and state of the art GPS, we can fly around the wall of cars and deliver your items within their window.


Super strength- Oversized, heavy, and bulk items are no match for our lift-equipped straight trucks! With 26 foot options, your large items are easily transported by our trained professionals. Let the super, super rush couriers do the heavy lifting.


Faster than a speeding Bullitt- Notice the play on words? Around these parts, a speeding Bullitt Mustang is bound to get pulled over by one of our hard working Dallas police officers or Texas Highway patrol members. That kind of a hang up can cost you serious time and money! Our super rush couriers know how to move quickly, but safely. Our drivers are background checked and have excellent driving records. You won’t find our couriers pushing the limit and breaking the law, but you will find us moving expeditiously and arriving on time. We think that’s pretty super!


Leap tall buildings in a single bound- Ok, we might not be able to leap a DFW high rise in a single bound, but we sure can make it to the top of those steps with your time sensitive goods. Final mile services are our specialty. Getting your items into the hands of your customers, even if those clients are located in the heart of downtown in a 32nd story office, is a job for our super team.


Recognizable uniform- Every super hero has a uniform, including our super rush couriers. Our Eagle Express drivers are easily recognized in their khakis and blue polo shirts sporting the Eagle logo. We might not wear a cape, but that wouldn’t be conducive when we’re on the job, solving your T&L problems one truckload at a time.


Good looks and personality- Have you ever known a super hero to lack friendliness and a chiseled chin? We can’t guarantee the latter, but we can guarantee that our drivers will make a great first impression on your clients. Trained in all areas of customer service, our driver will arrive on time, professionally dressed, and with a smile on their face.


In a world of fictional super heroes, the real thing is a pretty awesome prospect. With Eagle Express, you get our super rush couriers, emphasis on “super”. Our skillset and experience have been building for over 37 years. Like calling Batman, all you need to do is pick up the phone and give us a ring. We’re standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer the call for our clients. Your delivery emergencies are no match for the super heroes of Eagle Express.


Ready to put our superpowers to the test? Contact us today!