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Sun, Jan 26, 2020 @ 07:46 PM

Eagle Express, Secure and Safe Deliveries 24/7

You may not know this, but January 28th is National Data Privacy Day. Before you toss that tidbit of information to the side, consider this: cybercrime is the fastest growing crime type in the United States. Each year, cyber criminals generate $1.5 trillion in profits by preying on victims- many of whom are unaware they’ve been targeted. Data privacy is an incredibly important topic, but it’s one we often forget to consider until we become victims of cybercrime.


Here at Eagle Express, we’re committed to keeping your information secure as we make your deliveries throughout the Metroplex and beyond. Not only are we concerned with safely transporting your physical goods, but we’re focused on keeping the sensitive information accompanying those deliveries safe, as well. With EagleExpress as your team, you can rest easy knowing secure and safe deliveries are available to you 24/7.


This January, educate yourself on data privacy as it relates to your home and business. This is a great place to start.


What increases your chances of becoming a victim?

One in four Americans will experience cybercrime at some point in their lives. Most of that involves personal information, customer records, or intellectual property. Unfortunately, many behaviors we exhibit every day make us more susceptible to cybercrime. Here are a few:

  • Social media: The growing use of social media is opening users up to a whole new level of cybercrime. Sales of stolen personal date accumulate to $630 million each year. Users are subjected to everything from hacking, digital currency scams, and even money laundering methods!
  • Failure to practice safe digital operations: This covers a multitude of cyber security sins, but the most common failures include using unsecured networks, not changing your passwords, and downloading files from the internet without knowing their source.
  • Information breaches: Sometimes it’s not even your fault. Companies who store your information like your favorite stores or even credit monitoring companies who were supposed to help you avoid cybercrimes are victims of data breaches that send your personal information to an untrusted environment. There’s not a whole lot you can do to avoid these types of breaches, but you can do your part to remain vigilant afterwards.


How can you decrease your chances of becoming a victim?

Statistics show that most individuals and businesses wait to review their cybersecurity until after they’ve been attacked. Don’t wait. Take preemptive measures to protect yourself and your business.

  • Keep computers safe: This means the physical equipment and the software. Avoid theft by securing the units to desks and installing a security system. Connect office computers to a secure network, covered by a firewall. Install anti-virus and anti-malware software to avoid exposure.
  • Make a company policy and enforce it: Employees should review company policies on using personal devices in the workplace or taking business items to remote locations. Institute a password policy that requires a unique and strong password every 90 days.
  • Stay vigilant: Strange communication, odd charges, or wacky emails are all indicators of a compromised system. The best way to avoid cybercrime, or to resolve it when it does occur, is to catch it quickly by staying vigilant.



What does Eagle Express do to protect your privacy?

Here at Eagle, we take your security and the security of your items seriously. Our team members are trained in the specifics of HIPAA, which keeps your personal healthcare information safe, from pick up to drop off. We’re also committed to securing the physical transport of your items. Our vehicles are always locked and your items are never handed off to a third party.


We remain vigilant and secure in our networks at the office, and your personal information is safe with us whether you’re a one-time customer or a scheduled route on our manifest for years to come. We also offer a secure online invoicing system, so you can settle your account, track your delivery, or change your orders with confidence.


Have questions about our policies or procedures regarding your personal information? Just ask us. We’re available any time of day or night to answer questions or set up secure and safe deliveries 24/7.


Let National Data Privacy Day be your springboard to safe and secure online behavior for your business or your home. For more information on this campaign, visit the National Cyber Security Alliance page here.