What Does It Take to Succeed at Food Logistics in Dallas?

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Thu, Mar 14, 2019 @ 03:42 PM

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When it comes to food logistics, Dallas restaurateurs and shop owners need to invest in careful planning. What can companies in food service do to improve the reliability and cost-effectiveness of their operations? While food logistics is a complex process, business owners can make it easier with the right partnerships. Here’s everything you need to know.

Develop Separate Food Logistics Dallas Cold Supply Chains

To improve the freshness of food deliveries, it’s necessary to have two supply chains. One is for general purpose goods and the other for cold supply deliveries. Non-perishable food deliveries have more leeway than the cold supply chain. A cold supply chain is subject to regulations. Certain products need to remain within specific temperature ratings. They also need to be at those temperatures for a specific amount of time.

A fast supply chain is critical to cold supplies, but it isn’t about speed: it’s also about agility. Often, restaurants and shops may need frequent deliveries of cold supplies. Unfortunately, these deliveries may come at unexpected times. Restaurants and shops aren’t always able to identify their own supply needs. This means the logistics company must provide a buffer for them.

In addition to developing a network of deliveries, the supply chain will also need to warehouse cold supply products. These products will need optimal locations for storage. Smaller warehouses built in proximity to each other in major supply chain centers may be necessary. The right logistics company isn't only able to handle end businesses like restaurants. They can also handle B2B businesses like suppliers.

Optimize Routes for Dallas Food Logistics through Data-Driven Statistics

The landscape of logistics and shipping has changed through the advent of data-driven processes. Data-driven processes collect information on shipping speed and management. This includes how long it takes for deliveries to arrive and when deliveries are late. It also includes whether there are potential bottlenecks predicted. With the right GPS technology and data mining utilities, logistics companies can improve through data alone.

Of course, this does require the right logistics and shipping solutions. Modern cloud-based logistics and shipping platforms can collect data about shipments. The data is automatically analyzed and provides relevant and valuable insights into the logistics company. Tracking shipments and collecting more information in real-time can yield valuable insights. Data will show how products are flowing into and out of the business. Over time, these trends will help the business plan ahead.

Plan Ahead for Scaling Logistics Services in Dallas

As well as being able to predict future logistical needs, a logistics services company must also be able to scale as needed. Burst scaling is often necessary for food services. During seasonal influxes, a logistics company is going to have to scale up temporarily and later reduce its logistics needs. Further, weather-related issues can complicate logistics, requiring increased agility.

A logistics company may need to be able to connect with other, third-party courier services for times of greater need. Companies will also need to plan in advance for periodic increases in volume. They can request the resources they need in advance. The more scalable the system is, the less likely a business is to experience a major disruption.

Have a Plan for Emergency Delivery Services

For food logistics companies, it’s possible that emergency deliveries may be necessary to keep clients stocked with goods. A logistics and shipping company may not always be able to expedite these shipments quickly enough. Hot shot delivery services are one of the best ways to manage emergency deliveries. This isn't only because hot shot delivery services make deliveries fast; it’s because they already have equipment available for cold and perishable goods.

You must plan a logistics chain in advance. Besides reviewing and revising your delivery services, you may also want to arrange in advance for expedited and hot shot services. Contact our dedicated team at Eagle Express  to create a solid plan and services for food logistics in Dallas.