What is Considered a Custom Critical Delivery from Dallas?

Kayla Palesky About The Author

Mon, Jul 29, 2019 @ 07:01 PM

Eagle Express, Custom Critical Delivery From Dallas

When it comes to our extensive list of services, many of them are self-explanatory. One hour deliveries, for example, are exactly as they sound- deliveries made in one hour or less. Healthcare transportation involves…you guess it…transporting healthcare items. While scheduling deliveries is simple, understanding some of the complexities of some of the services we offer isn’t so simple.


One of those happens to be the custom critical delivery. A custom critical delivery from Dallas is any item that needs to move outside of city limits quickly, without stopping for consolidation and without being handed off to a third party. These types of deliveries are dependent on the requesting organization. Each individual business has its own idea of what constitutes a critical delivery from Dallas. There are a few items that are typically considered a custom critical delivery. Here are some examples.


Legal Paperwork

Paper isn’t generally considered a critical item, but what’s on that paper could be. Court paperwork that has to be filed by the end of the day, for example, assumes a “critical” status. Moving documents from an attorney’s office to the residence of a client and vice versa also require critical status. Failure to get these items to their locations on time could result in severe legal consequences. Thankfully, a custom critical delivery from Eagle Express has document tracking for the duration of the journey. You’ll never have to wonder where your legal paperwork is, when it arrived, or who signed for it with the technology provided by Eagle Express.


Healthcare Items

Medical specimens, lab results, and even organs are considered custom critical items because their journey is often a life or death situation. There’s no time for these items to be slowed down by a courier waiting for a full truckload or a delivery team with multiple stops along the way. Transportation to and from doctors’ offices, labs, and hospitals requires a courier team who is trained in HazMat and HIPAA standards, and has availability to move items quickly in a load dedicated to just one job.


Financial Instruments

Financial deliveries are both time sensitive and risky. This is what designates them as custom critical deliveries. A mishandled financial delivery can mean huge losses for both the receiving and distributing organizations.  Forms of financial instruments include:

  • Cash
  • Checks
  • Bonds
  • Other monetary agreements between two organizations


Security with these types of deliveries is always of the utmost importance. That’s why our Eagle Express couriers are discreet, and we don’t disclose the items out for delivery or the value of those items.



Just as with financial instruments, transporting valuable jewelry, precious metals, or even technology prototypes require a custom critical delivery status. Consider this: if you were moving high value items from one location to another- especially to a receiving location outside of the city limits- you would want to it move expeditiously, without delay that can come from a traditional delivery. Of course, “value” is also a relative term, with limits set by the senders and receivers themselves. Our couriers aren’t here to set those standards, we’re just here to follow the requests of our customers.


Custom critical deliveries from Dallas aren’t limited to what you see here. If you have an item that is considered important to your business, or to your recipient, our couriers are available 24/7 to make those deliveries quickly and safely.


While we take every precaution to reduce the risk of loss, you can also rest assured knowing your Eagle Express courier is covered by A-rated insurers to compensate for loss, damage, or theft of your custom critical items. We take your deliveries, and our promise to transport them, seriously.


Do you have a delivery that needs transporting? Is it critical to your business or organization? Don’t hesitate. The team at Eagle Express can move your time and temperature sensitive critical items NOW. Contact us here to get started.