What to Expect from Refrigerated Shipping in DFW

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Fri, Sep 20, 2019 @ 05:27 PM

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If you’re operating a business in North Texas, chances are you’re going to need a refrigerated delivery at some point. Even if you’re not in the food distribution or healthcare industries, in an environment as extreme as Texas, temperature control is a necessity. If you’re still unconvinced, let’s dive a little deeper into the nature of this type of service, discuss its benefits, and showcase some businesses that utilize it. Then you’ll know whether this type of service could be beneficial to your organization.



Refrigerated Shipping in DFW Defined


Any item that requires temperature control- whether refrigerated or frozen- is considered refrigerated shipping in DFW. The means of temperature control can differ depending on the item and its sensitivity.


Items that are less sensitive can be cooled using dry ice or ice packs. This requires less experience and an indiscriminate vehicle. Your items could even travel with a bicycle courier if they’re packaged this way.


Other items are more sensitive and require strict temperature control. Healthcare items usually fall into this category. Blood samples, vaccines, and lab specimens require a specific temperature or range of temperature for the duration of their journey. Special vehicles are needed to ensure this type of strict control. Temperature controlled straight trucks are equipped with technology that controls the air temperature in a self-contained unit in the back of the vehicle. Refrigerated vans work much the same way, but on a smaller scale.


Refrigerated rail, air, and boat shipping methods are also available. But here at Eagle Express, we stick to the roads!



Organizations That Benefit from Refrigerated Shipping in DFW


DFW has a unique professional climate, as it serves dozens of organizations across dozens of industries. Each of these can and does utilize refrigerated shipping at some point in their supply chain. These businesses have items that require protection from the heat. Whether it’s to protect their cargo from spoiling, to prevent bacteria growth, or just preserve quality of the food, temperature control is necessary for these industries (and more) throughout DFW:


Technology- Protecting computer chips, cell phones, and aerospace technology from extreme weather while in transport is vital for the operations of these items. Exposure to the elements could damage the products, which are often sensitive in nature and costly.


Wineries- Climate controlled transportation for beverages such as wine keep the items from oxidizing too quickly and spoiling the taste. Some wineries, for example, suggest a strict adherence to 55 degrees Fahrenheit during transportation. This can only be done with a temperature controlled van or truck.


Ranching- Around these parts, beef is business. Ranchers often use temperature controlled transportation to ship their cattle to other farms once they’re sold or once they’re butchered for consumption.


Healthcare- Hospitals, labs, and doctor’s offices all use refrigerated shipping in DFW to move samples and specimens throughout the Metroplex. Strict temperature control is necessary to preserve potency of vaccines, integrity of samples, and viability of organs.



Is Refrigerated Shipping Right for You?


This is a lot of information to process. Maybe you have your answer after considering the facts here, or maybe you’re still on the fence. Either way, our Eagle Express team would love to discuss it with you.


With nearly 40 years of experience in the transportation and logistics business, including all things refrigerated shipping in DFW, our team of professionals has the answers to all of your delivery questions. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist your business with creating a unique plan of action to serve your T&L needs. Contact us here on our website or give us a call at 214-351-5777 to get started!