Which Type of Fleet Will Meet Your DFW Delivery Request?

Kayla Palesky About The Author

Mon, Feb 03, 2020 @ 09:06 PM

Eagle Express, DFW Delivery Request

Eagle Express has been meeting the varying needs of the Metroplex for nearly four decades. The North Texas region is home to 22 Fortune 500 companies across industries such as healthcare, energy, and technology. With such diverse clientele, a courier has to have diverse fleet to meet all those needs.


Which type of fleet will meet your DFW delivery request? A courier in Dallas can assist in answering that question. In order to find the most economical solution to fit your unique needs, a professional delivery team will need to assess your order in the following ways:



Load Size

From oversized to teeny tiny, we have the fleet to manage deliveries of all sizes. This is the simplest method for fleet selection. Big stuff needs big space. Little stuff doesn’t. It’s a little more technical than that, though!


Your load may require nothing more than a van, which saves you beaucoup bucks. But when you’re dealing with oversized, odd shaped items or multiple pallets of items, a truck will be necessary. Options include:

  • Straight truck (box truck)
    • 26-foot 
    • 16-foot
  • Refrigerated truck
  • Flatbed

The size of your load will directly affect the type of fleet necessary to complete your DFW delivery request.


Distance and Time

Another consideration we take in deciding on the right vehicle is the distance traveled and the time required to complete the delivery. If your items are going long distance, a truck is more appropriate, as it can carry multiple loads at the same time, furthering your savings through economy of scale.


Items that need to move across town quickly are best suited for a van or car, when possible. They’re easier to maneuver and take less time to load. Super rush, 45-minute deliveries move best with a small vehicle when possible. 


The end location of your delivery matters, as well. A 26-foot straight truck isn’t ideal for a small shopping center with no parking lot. And a delivery van won’t be suited for a warehouse with docks. We'll also take into account the delivery location when deciding on the right vehicle.


Special Handling

Off the menu services are a given in this industry. While you can find a list of services here on our website, we’re routinely asked to adjust our services to meet the needs of our clients across the Metroplex. And, of course, we oblige!


Special handling might include everything from temperature control to packaging for hazardous materials. It also includes items that require specialized training such as food items, which must meet FDA standards, and healthcare items, which are subject to HIPAA standards. Items that require specialized handling may need a vehicle that is suited for those specifications.



No matter the load, destination, or deadline, a prepared courier is one that has a variety of fleet types at their disposal. In order to make that happen, your courier of choice needs to adhere to a preventative maintenance schedule, keep certified and licensed drivers on call, and carry the proper insurance for vehicles and the cargo they carry.


This seems like a tall order, but it’s all in a day’s work for a great transportation team like Eagle Express. Whenever you have a DFW delivery request, whether it’s 2 AM or on a holiday weekend, when you contact Eagle Express a real live team member is available to drop some knowledge and make a superior recommendation for the right vehicle to accommodate your delivery.


We guarantee we’ve got the fleet to meet your needs, North Texas!