With DFW Medical Deliveries, You’ve Got Options

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Fri, Dec 27, 2019 @ 09:48 PM

Eagle Express, DFW Medical Deliveries

When it comes to healthcare in DFW, you have options. As the second largest industry in the North Texas region, healthcare is a booming business. If patients have options in terms of provider, location, and preference, shouldn’t healthcare providers have options, too?


Good news! If you’re in the DFW healthcare industry, you do have options with your DFW medical deliveries.

Options for Different Items

The medical industry varies by specialty, and so do the transportation services required. The type of delivery generally depends on the items out for transport. Medical and healthcare related items can include:


  • Lab specimens
  • Blood
  • Office supplies
  • Radiology reports
  • Vaccines
  • Patient paperwork
  • And more


The right medical delivery team will know the proper way to package and handle these items because they’ve been trained in HIPAA, OSHA, HazMat, and other federally mandated regulations. A courier with experience in a variety of DFW medical deliveries is one that can assure an on time and secure delivery.


Options for Delivery Speed

Each one of the items mentioned above has the options in terms of delivery method. Many healthcare deliveries go out on a routine, scheduled basis. Daily, weekly, or biweekly deliveries ensure healthcare providers have all the supplies and medication needed to serve patients at any given time. Proper planning reduces the likelihood of running out of a specific drug or medical item, but there are times, even so, when an urgent delivery is required.


On demand, one hour, and two hour options can move DFW medical deliveries to patients and providers quickly in an emergency. This is often is the case with organ transplants. A trained and certified courier can transport the organ from one hospital to another, providing accurate delivery times in a life or death situation.


More economical options exist for same day delivery, as well, for those urgent, but not emergency medical deliveries throughout DFW.


Options for Special Handling

Healthcare plans are unique for each patient, and, incidentally, so are healthcare transportation plans. What works for one provider may not work for another. Deliveries for a pharmacy will look different than deliveries for an oncologist. The good news is that a courier like Eagle Express offers specialized care for each client.


Options include:


Large hospital corporations, small compounding pharmacies, and independent providers will find an option that meets their specific needs.


Options For Transportation Team

Last, but not least, customers in the Metroplex have many options when it comes to their transportation team. Technically, anyone with a vehicle can call themselves a courier, but healthcare deliveries are unique in that they require special training and tools to securely transport DFW medical deliveries.


Before making your healthcare courier selection, check into the training received by your courier. Consider the fleet of vehicles they have available to them. Verify their operational hours, and ask about their insurance policies. You have many options, but there are only a few qualified professionals who should be trusted to complete such an important task.


If you’re in the healthcare industry in Dallas or Fort Worth, you know what an important job it is to provide medical care to your DFW community. No doubt, you take that job seriously, and at Eagle Express, so do we.


For nearly 40 years, we’ve been serving the healthcare providers who, in turn, serve our community. With a variety of delivery options, experience in handling  a variety of products, and the most professional transportation team in the business, Eagle Express is here to assist you with all your transportation and logistics needs.


If you have an immediate medical delivery need, contact our team at 214-351-5777. We can have someone on the job in as little as 45 minutes. If you’ve got time to spare, feel free to start a chat with us here on our website. We know you have an important job to do, and we’d love to be your trusted delivery professional in DFW.