Dallas Delivery Service

For more than 37 years, Eagle Express has been meeting DFW’s delivery needs with excellence, precision and friendly service.

Our team boasts over 100 years of experience in all aspects of the logistics industry, making us trustworthy and well equipped to handle a variety of needs. Our Mission is to be “On Time, Every Time”!

What makes us stand out from the crowd? We are fiercely loyal to our founding principles:


We mean what we say

When we commit smething to you, we make it happen.


Honesty. Always.

We believe in honest dealings, from start to finish.



We care about our people and the people we serve.


Quality, friendly service

We believe in keeping sevice personal and kind. Our friendly team is ready 24/7



We stay ahead of the technology curve and are always looking for ways to improve. Our first years of operation saw paper orders and phone calls. Today we offer an app, online order entry, delivery tracking and much more.

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At Eagle Express, we strive to honor Jesus Christ in all we do - from pick-up to drop-off and everything in between. 

Dallas Courier Service, Eagle Express

We are more than a courier company, we are a partner who treats each job as the most important delivery we will make that day.

That’s because we understand how critical your delivery is to you and your business. As a delivery service, we know our couriers are a representation of you, and we aim to represent you well.

Eagle Express’ President, Richard Dobrey, is committed to integrity and excellence. And when leadership is committed to these goals, it shows. We are proud of high client loyalty and can’t wait to add more to our ever-growing family.

Ready for us to start working for you?

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