3rd Party Logistics Is Your Way to Grow

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Sun, Sep 29, 2019 @ 09:31 PM

Eagle Express, Third Party Logistics in Fort Worth

As a business owner, your goal is to grow, right? Finding ways to expand your business with new products or new markets


Looking for the right way to grow your business? New products and new markets are the way to grow…I mean go. Every good business owner knows you can’t go it…grow it…alone. Third party logistics in Fort Worth can help you GO to new places and GROW in new markets.


If you haven’t already considered North Texas as your organization’s next service area, you should. The state of Texas is home to 28.7 million people, and growing. Over 7.5 million people call our region home. The DFW area has experienced greater population growth than any other region in the country. Is your business taking advantage of that growth?


With the right third party logistics in Fort Worth and Dallas, you can. And you don’t even have to physically be located here. A 3PL provider can act on your behalf, serving your new market while you grow your business from afar. But if you’re considering a 3PL partner, you’re going to want to be selective.


Critical Components to 3PL Services

As you seek third party logistics in Fort Worth and Dallas, you’re going to want to consider location. Your stuff will need to be warehoused in a central location, with access to major highways as well as airports.


You’re also going to need a courier. This is your true partner in third party logistics. This team will pick, pack, and transport your items from the warehouse to your customers. But you don’t want just any courier. Consider the next point.



What to Look for in a Reliable 3PL Provider

As we said before, your third party logistics will not work correctly if your partner is not in a central location within the DFW Metroplex. As you seek reliable partners for your logistics processes in this new market, you need a team that can grow with you- a team with flexibility. As your region expands and your needs change, your 3PL provider should be able to accommodate. More storage, larger delivery area, special needs of clients, refrigeration- these are all changes that could occur. You need a courier who can flex.


Your courier should also have longevity and knowledge of the North Texas region. It can be difficult navigating our great Metroplex if your provider hasn’t been serving here for long. Seek a 3PL provider who comes with positive reviews from other clients, and boasts a high on time rate.


What’s the Bottom Line with Third Party Logistics in Fort Worth?

The bottom line is this: Your bottom line is important. Seeking new markets and new customers here in North Texas can be a profitable move that gives your business great growth. That’s IF you partner with the right 3PL team.


A qualified and capable third party logistics partner can be a cost effective way to break into the DFW market. Your business can avoid the costs of rent, fleet maintenance, and unreliable couriers by choosing the right provider who meets all of your logistics needs. Storage, picking, packing, and delivery are just a few of the services your 3PL partner should offer.



Eagle Express is Your 3PL to Grow

With nearly 40 years in the T&L business, Eagle Express is a name that you can trust. We live right here in DFW, and offer the experience, knowledge, and professionalism that you need to carry out third party logistics in Fort Worth and Dallas. 


Eagle has 24/7 superior customer service; we utilize the latest in technology; and we have dozens of testimonials from satisfied customers to prove it.


If you’re ready to grow, GO and contact Eagle Express to get your 3PL partnership started.