Chill Out! Texas Refrigerated Deliveries Are Here

Kayla Palesky About The Author

Wed, May 16, 2018 @ 09:45 PM

Eagle Express, Texas Refrigerated Deliveries

Running a business in the food industry can be stressful. You have employees to manage, a supply chain to develop, and deliveries of fresh and frozen foods to schedule. And that’s assuming everything goes exactly as planned. What about when things go wrong? What kinds of additional tasks does it add to your already full plate, then?  That’s when it helps to know a great Texas refrigerated deliveries courier. Because when things heat up, refrigerated delivery specialists keep their cool.


Here are just a few of the ways a refrigerated delivery team can assist with your most stressful food transportation issues:


Scheduled pick-ups- The best way to prevent a late delivery or a missed drop off is by using a scheduled route courier for your refrigerated deliveries. With a one-time, simple setup process, you can rest assured that your route will be complied with every time, on time, in the hands of a trusted and tested courier. You and your customers can both expect timely and dependable service with a scheduled delivery service. No need to stress about the specifics of a weekly or daily delivery. Leave it to the pros.


Urgent refrigerated deliveries- Let’s say your freezers break, or your customer called and wants their order 12 hours before the agreed upon time. When you have an urgent delivery need, a Dallas refrigerated hot shot courier with the means to move temperature-controlled items is the solution for you. While we’d all prefer things to go as planned, the unexpected can occur. And an on-demand courier can help you roll with those changes.


Large truckloads- What’s more difficult than handling a dozen deliveries in one day? Handling twelve dozen! It can be stressful managing multiple deliveries or large orders, but a courier with access to a variety of fleet, including temperature controlled and lift equipped straight trucks can make small work your large deliveries.


Out of town transport- Whether your items need to move long distances as part of your regular schedule, or if they have to head out of town for an urgent delivery change, refrigerated couriers who move items across city or state lines can keep your business moving without a hitch. Not to mention, a courier with advanced technology can give you a real time update of where your product is at any time in the delivery process with GPS tracking. It’s like escorting your items out of town without ever leaving your office chair.


Cross docking services- As a business operating in the food industry, cross docking, redistribution, and warehouse storage are all important ways to maintain your bottom line while ensuring your customers have their desired products on time and in their entirety. While you might not have the time or knowledge to run your own refrigerated logistics DFW operations, a full-service transportation and logistics provider does.


Here in North Texas, the weather can get hot, but that’s nothing compared to the heat you can catch from failing to keep your end of the bargain for your customers. When it comes to your refrigerated logistics DFW couriers can assist with a number of your stressful situations. And we just might know a great courier for the job!


Eagle Express has been providing the refrigerated transport Texas has come to trust for over 35 years. With extensive experience in all areas of transportation and logistics, when things don’t go quite as you planned, the EE team has just the right solution ready to go. Contact us today and let us know how we can assist with your specific temperature-controlled transportation needs. We’ll help you keep your cool when you’re facing some heat.