When More of the Same Means More of a Great Thing

Kayla Palesky About The Author

Tue, Oct 29, 2019 @ 02:59 PM

Eagle Express, Routine Deliveries in Dallas

Some folks get a little bent out of shape when things stay the same. “More of the same old thing”, they say. If you ask Eagle Express, though, we’d say more of the same means more of a great thing! Especially if you’re talking about routine deliveries in DFW.


While there have been many fabulous points of growth for transportation and logistics in DFW, it’s important to consider that consistency is also a valuable characteristic when it comes to your T&L provider.


When it comes to your routine deliveries in DFW, “more of the same” can mean more of these great things…if you’re using the right courier, of course.

One Time Set Up

With just one phone call, you can schedule your routine deliveries from now until the cows come home, or until you say “stop”. We just need to know a few key pieces of information including:


  • Frequency of delivery (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.)
  • Number of stops
  • Delivery window for pick up and drop off
  • Any other special requirements (temperature control, vehicle size, or special handling)


With that, you can count on your items being delivered each and every time with accuracy and consistency. This is certainly one time when “more of the same” works in your favor. Your customers receive their deliveries on time, every time, and you get to take the credit for it.


Have changes that occur to your regularly scheduled routine? No problem! Contact our experts 24/7, and we can assist you in ensuring those changes make their way into your route deliveries in Dallas and Fort Worth.


GPS Tracking for Assurance

You can count on Eagle Express to make your deliveries accurately and securely, but if you want a little extra assurance, we’re ok with that, too. In fact, we’ll provide you with the option to track your items from start to finish. Thanks to our state of the art technology and belief in transparency and communication, you’ll never be in the dark about where your items are at any point in the delivery process.



Consistent Character

Another great benefit to the “same old, same old” attitude is that you’re treated with consistent customer service with each and every one of your Eagle Express deliveries. Whether you hire us to move your items once a week for the next century, of you’re in need of a one-off urgent delivery, you’re family to us here at Eagle.


Our drivers and team members are trained to make your deliveries with a focus on honesty and integrity above all else. You’ll never have to wonder what type of individual will hand your items off to your customers. You can bank on the fact that it will be a uniformed, friendly, and professional member of our Eagle Express team every time. We’ll never hand your items off to a third party.


With Eagle Express, more of the same just means more of a great thing! The consistent care and service we provide our customers makes experiencing the “same old” a great opportunity. When you have routine deliveries in Dallas, you need to the assurance that your items will arrive on time, every time, without the hassle of checking in on your delivery team. With our couriers, you’ll get just that: quality service every time.


Side effects of “more of the same” include happy customers, reduced costs, and peace of mind. In that case, more of the same means more of a great thing! Contact us today.