Straight Trucks For The Win!

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Sun, Jul 07, 2019 @ 11:08 AM


As a courier operating in Dallas Fort Worth, it’s important to carry a variety of items via numerous fleet. From sprinter vans to flatbeds and everything in between, it can be tough as a customer to know which vehicle serves your specific needs. A Dallas straight truck delivery service handles some of the largest and also some of the most sensitive loads for both in town and out of town delivery.


What can they do for your business? Read on to find out.


What is transported in a straight truck?

The right courier with proper certification and training can transport pretty much anything. Healthcare deliveries, including sensitive medical specimens or even lab equipment are securely transported by HazMat and OSHA trained team members. Pallets of produce can move with the assistance of food safety-trained drivers, and patient privacy is upheld with HIPAA certified staff.


Eagle Express straight trucks come in both 16 and 26 foot lengths, capable of moving your largest cargo, and up to 12 pallets of product in a single load. The heavy lifting is easy, considering our straight trucks are lift equipped, and our warehousing team is certified in forklift operation.


How fast can straight trucks move?

If the right conditions exist, a straight truck can move as quickly as any other vehicle. This means a straight truck shipment can arrive in as little as 45 minutes for those urgent hot shot deliveries, or it can be in placed by the end of the day- a more economical option.


Straight trucks can also serve custom critical orders. Items that need to move  out of town, as far as the other side of the country, move quickly as a critical load. That means your designated straight truck doesn’t stop for more product or to be handed off to a third party.


What about the specifics?

Special orders or sensitive products are no problem for a trained team like Eagle Express. Our straight trucks come with a temperature controlled option, as well, so your ambient, refrigerated, and frozen items rest comfortably for the duration of their journey. If you have items that must remain at exactly 39 degrees Fahrenheit, we can accommodate. We even offer dual and tri temperature control options for those ultra-specific mass orders.


That’s not all, though, every delivery with Eagle Express comes with white glove service options. Those include transporting the items inside the building, setting them up, disposing of packaging materials, and other delivery confirmation methods such as photo proof and signature capture. Thanks to state of the art technology, customers have multiple options when it comes to remaining updated on the status of their order.


Which industries are served by a straight truck service in Dallas?

Straight truck services can suit just about any industry. With fair prices and a wide range of delivery options, many industries in DFW are served by straight truck vehicles.


Medical offices can receive scheduled deliveries from straight trucks to transport blood, lab specimens, records, and other healthcare related items. Doctors, labs, and hospitals can all be served with a straight truck.


Straight trucks also deliver food. Whether it’s from a warehouse to a distribution point on a scheduled route, urgent one time frozen transportation for a restaurant, or transporting fresh produce to markets throughout the Metroplex, there are dozens of ways straight trucks bring food to waiting customers. 


Manufacturing companies, electronics businesses, and retail are just a few more of the many industries that are served with a straight truck. The uses are endless.

<strong>a team like Eagle Express</strong>


Straight truck deliveries can serve your business well and speed up many of your transportation processes.  If you work with a team like Eagle Express, friendly, 24/7 service comes standard on every delivery, as well! If you think a straight truck service might be something your business can utilize, contact Eagle Express. We’re happy to serve!