Welcome to Our (Ware)House

Kayla Palesky About The Author

Mon, Aug 19, 2019 @ 09:58 PM

Eagle Express, Warehousing and Fulfillment in DFW

A little change is a good thing. We believe that here at Eagle Express. Some things have not changed. For example, our 24/7 availability promise. No matter when you call Eagle Express, you’re treated to a live member of our team. Your urgent delivery matters are handled quickly, even if it’s a holiday weekend or the middle of the night.

Another thing that’s not changing? Our commitment to honesty and integrity as the foundation of our service to you. For over 37 years, Eagle Express has kept these principles at the forefront of our operations. We’ve built a reputation as a trustworthy team of professionals that is always looking to expand our customer family.

Yes, some things will never change, but there are times when change is necessary. We have a big change coming to Eagle Express. And when we say “big”, we mean BIG. Like 10,000 square feet big.


We’re packing it up and moving shop!


This is an exciting change for our Eagle Express team, and for our warehousing and fulfillment customers for many reasons, but the biggest reason is, in fact, BIG. Our new location will offer bigger and better storage space to serve our customers.


Here’s what warehousing and fulfillment perks you have to look forward to in our new Eagle Express location:


More of everything-

More space is a given in our new location. A few thousand square feet of additional space means we can serve more of the DFW Metroplex, hold on to larger items, and become the centralized space for all your warehousing and fulfillment needs.


Strategic location-

Your transportation and logistics strategy thrives on location. The best way to serve your customers fast is to remain centrally located between many of the Metroplex’s major cities, including the obvious, Dallas and Fort Worth. Our new location is also right off the highway, giving you access to the major thoroughfares in DFW. We’re strategically located between Dallas Fort Worth International Airport and Dallas Love field, making your international and transcontinental deliveries a snap. We also offer airport pick up services. We can hold on to your incoming goods and even disperse them on your behalf to customers throughout North Texas.

Medical storage-

Our new Eagle Express warehouse is ready to serve your healthcare needs. Our couriers are HIPAA, OSHA, and HazMat trained, so we know how to handle your sensitive medical items and patient records with care and confidence. Our storage spot also has temperature controlled areas to store your cold and frozen items. We’re also FDA certified to store medical devices both large and small. With nearly four decades of service in the Metroplex, with many healthcare industry clients, Eagle Express is capable of storing and moving your most sensitive medical items.


Pick and pack services-

As always, we’re meeting your picking, packing, and repacking needs…but we’re doing it even better. Our new space offers more square footage to maintain your inventory, more dock doors for deliveries, and more loading space to transfer your cargo into and out of vehicles. Thanks to state of the art inventory management software, we’re still guaranteeing your items get transported from our warehouse to their final destination on time and in perfect condition. We even offer packaging for international shipments. Because, like we said earlier, DFW International is just a few miles away.



We’ve moved, but those basic principles of our business won’t budge. Eagle Express is still here to serve with honesty and integrity, moving your time and temperature sensitive goods throughout the Metroplex. We just have a new spot to call home!


If you’re ready to experience our upgraded warehousing and fulfillment services, contact Eagle Express today. The same number still works, 214-251-5777, or you can contact us on the same site here. Bigger and better services await!