Reliable Deliveries in DFW- Rebooted

Kayla Palesky About The Author

Wed, Feb 19, 2020 @ 03:39 PM

Eagle Express, Reliable Deliveries in DFW

If there’s one word that we could use to describe entertainment over the last five years, it’s this: rebooted. Bad Boys, Ghostbusters, Will and Grace, Full House, Magnum PI, Jennifer Lopez… we could go on and on! Looking at a television lineup for Friday night, one wouldn’t know whether it was 2020 or 1980. It certainly is the age of reboots.


The funny thing is, we’ve noticed that mindset carries over into our industry, as well. Transportation and logistics is making a comeback, and we can thank some old school principles for ensuring reliable deliveries in DFW.


Eagle Express has been serving the Metroplex for nearly 40 years. Like all of the popular reboots, in 2020 we’ve borrowed a bit from our past to reinstate ourselves as the leading provider of reliable deliveries in DFW and outside of North Texas. And, like many of the reboots we see today, we’re better than ever!


Take a look at how some of our favorite 1980s Eagle Express character traits are rebooted for serving customers in 2020.



Who remembers the brick phones from the 80s? Or a book of maps? Or carbon copy invoices? Communicating with our customers has always been a valuable point of Eagle Express’s service, but it’s been given a bit of a facelift over the last several decades.


Our drivers are now equipped with state of the art GPS and tracking systems. Not only does our dispatch team know the whereabouts of our drivers and cargo at all times, so do our customers. If there is change in route, perhaps an additional stop, or a new traffic notice, dispatchers can contact our drivers at any point during the journey, ensuring your items arrive at their desired location on time, despite in route changes.


We’re also communicating with customers in more ways than ever. Web chat, email, social media, and, of course, a good old fashioned phone call- customers can reach Eagle Express at any time of day or night via a variety of methods of communication.



In order to stay in business for this many decades, a courier has to remain consistent. Eagle Express has been providing five star service that clients have come to count on. That’s even truer now that scheduled deliveries are a major point of service for our couriers.


With just one phone call, customers can schedule a daily, weekly, or biweekly route that ensures consistent pick up and drop off times from the same, friendly courier. Knowing you can rely on Eagle Express for your routine pick up and drop offs leaves you more time to focus on other aspects of your business- like serving your own customers well. Because in 2020, it’s all about great, consistent service!



The heart of DFW is where we like to work and live. As a local courier, we understand the DFW Metroplex more than anyone, considering we’ve been living here and serving here for decades. No one cares about North Texans like a fellow North Texan!


That being said, we’ve rebooted our location to serve you even better. Yes, we’re still located equidistant from not one, but two international airports. We still have all the major North Texas highways easily accessible from our new office location. Now, though, we have even more warehouse space to store your items for a short time or a long time. We’re also FDA certified and offer temperature control for your items. Our new location serves us and our customers better than before.


Commitment to Character

Something that hasn’t changed in the last four decades of service is our commitment to character. Like your favorite television characters from a rebooted sitcom who seem to be the same as they were decades ago, you can count on the old school service mentality from Eagle Express.


Despite the changes in business attitudes, Eagle Express is still committed to serving with honesty and integrity above all else. We follow the Golden Rule, as described in the Gospel of John, to love one another, as to always point back to the characteristics of our loving God. 


With all of the changes happening, this is one aspect you won’t find changing from our Eagle Express team.


Reliable deliveries in DFW haven’t gone away, they’ve just been rebooted. We boldly suggest they’re better than ever when they’re performed by Eagle Express!


If you’re in the market for an urgent or scheduled delivery, partner with the best. Give Eagle Express a call at 214-351-5777.