Own It! How to Carry Out Responsible Transportation in Dallas

Kayla Palesky About The Author

Sun, Feb 23, 2020 @ 09:53 PM

Eagle Express, Responsible Transportation in Dallas

Have you ever seen those memes where take photos of their dogs with a sign of shame around their neck? For example, you’ll see a Golden Retriever totally covered in flour, with a sign that says “I ate an entire bag of raw flour from the pantry.” Or there will be a Terrier surrounded by white stuffing with a sign that says, “I ate my mom’s new couch.”


This is a humorous way to suggest that our totally irresponsible pets are owning the mistakes they made and taking responsibility for their (albeit, rather funny) disasters.


The problem is, people aren’t much different. It’s tough to get folks to own up to anything. Whether it’s their belief system or their mistakes, it’s not popular to stand for something and take responsibility for yourself. The middle road is a much safer and more comfortable spot, isn’t it?


Here at Eagle Express, though, we own it! Sometimes literally, sometimes metaphorically, we own up to everything we claim to be, and even the things we don’t want to be. It’s all part of providing responsible transportation in Dallas and Fort Worth.


Our Stuff

The best part about maintaining your own fleet and your own warehouse space is that you get to do it your way. And the Eagle Express way is undeniably the best way. For many of our transportation calls, we operate our own fleet. This means, no matter when you call, you’ll have a maintained and clean vehicle ready to go in 45 minutes or less.


Operating our own fleet also means that our vehicles meet all the necessary standards for special cargo. For example, we guarantee our vehicles have been sanitized, ensuring your food and beverage distribution is FDA approved. Our vehicles also have the proper temperature control and HazMat spill kids for those sensitive healthcare deliveries that require a little extra special handling.


We also maintain our own warehouse. We don’t rely on shoddy security or rental storage space with limited hours of operation. Our warehouse is on site, centrally located in the DFW Metroplex, totally secure, yet available to customers 24/7.


Responsible transportation in Dallas is impossible if your courier doesn’t maintain their own stuff.


Our Policies

Another thing we own? Our policies. This, of course, is metaphorical. Our founding principles of honesty and integrity encompass everything we stand for. Our uniformed, friendly couriers rock those character traits as we provide responsible transportation within and outside of the Metroplex.


Other policies we own are those related to customer service. We’re committed to being open for business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you need Eagle Express, a live member of our team will be answering the phone. You won’t speak to an answering service to a robotic phone tree. It’s our business. You’re our customer. It’s our own voice we want you to hear when you have delivery requests.


Our Mistakes

Yikes. Are we really going to talk about failures here? Yes! Because we’d be lying if we told you that unforeseen events never occur. Sometimes the president comes to town and shuts down the entire Dallas North Tollway unexpectedly. (That story is too specific to be made up!)


Like we said before, our couriers are committed to honesty and integrity 100% of the time. If an unforeseen event occurs that leads to loss or damage of a product, Eagle Express carries a full suite of insurance policies from A-rated providers. That’s a costly venture, but, for us, it’s necessary.


We want our customers to feel confident when they hire Eagle Express. While we have the proper tools and training to mitigate most concerns, if an unforeseen event should occur, we’re able to make reparations honestly and quickly to make it right with our customers.


Responsible transportation isn’t something you fall into or try out as a side gig. Responsible transportation in Dallas and Fort Worth is something your courier should OWN. Here at Eagle Express, we own it! We own those policies and procedures; we own our tools and space; we also own up to our mistakes, even if they occur infrequently.


Transporting your time and temperature sensitive items with care is a task we own. Ready to find out more? Contact us here on our webpage or call us at 214-351-5777.