What’s the Deal with DFW One Hour Deliveries?

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Tue, Feb 25, 2020 @ 09:32 PM

Eagle Express, DFW One Hour Deliveries

DFW one hour deliveries meet the needs of all kinds of clients across the DFW Metroplex. But as wonderful as this service is, it’s not for everyone and every delivery. Are DFW one hour deliveries the right service for your business? Find out the scoop behind this service and decide for yourself whether this transportation process can serve you and your customers.

What Is a One Hour Delivery?

Sometimes things are labeled one thing, but they mean another. For example, Chicken of the Sea, is not, in fact, chicken, but fish. (🙄) Thankfully, there are no mind games with Eagle Express transportation services. A one hour delivery is a delivery that is guaranteed to move in one hour. When a courier provides a given delivery window, we’re entering a binding agreement to arrive within that timeframe with your time sensitive items. We’ll even provide confirmation of delivery when we’re done.


How Can You Track a One Hour Delivery?

When you need items in an hour or less, it’s safe to assume they’re important. Whether it’s ingredients a restaurant it waiting for before they can start a large catering order or a harvested organ that is being transported to its donor, time is of the essence with one hour deliveries. When you schedule a fast service like this, you want to know where your item is at all times in the delivery process.


Eagle Express can accommodate. State of the art GPS and tracking keeps customers in-the-know from start to finish. Since your items are never handed off to a third party, our team can provide updates on your delivery from pick up to drop off. Photo proof of delivery, signature confirmation, and email updates are all options that can be offered to keep customers updated on the progress of their delivery.


Can Any Delivery Move in One Hour?

The short answer is no- not all deliveries are suited for DFW one hour deliveries. Items that need to move outside of the Metroplex or during rush hour simply cannot travel in sixty minutes or less. Our couriers are good, but they also have to adhere to speed limit laws, general laws of gravity, and the time and space continuum.


Additionally, deliveries that require special handling such as refrigerated items, medical specimens, or residential delivery might not be able to move in one hour. Our couriers know that these deliveries often take a little extra time in order to ensure safety. While it is possible one hour will suffice, our couriers will be up front and let you know whether or not a one hour delivery is possible when you schedule your service.


Are One Hour Deliveries the Only Option?

If your needs aren’t met by DFW one hour deliveries, no problem! Eagle Express is a full service logistics provider. We offer same day delivery options, including super rush 45 minute deliveries; one, two, three, and four hour options; and, most economical of all, scheduled deliveries.


Eagle Express has the courier and the vehicle available to move anything, any time of the day or night. If a one hour delivery isn’t the best option for you, we’ll let you know. Our expert team has nearly 40 years of T&L experience, and we’re happy to offer our official opinion on your transportation and logistics matters to ensure your needs are met.


Still not sure if DFW one hour deliveries will work for your business? Give us a call! We can chat about your T&L needs and come up with a unique plan of action for your business, your customers, and your items.


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